Sunday, December 16, 2012

a DIY christmas

Didn't know what came upon me but i went all out crafty this Christmas. 

It might be the result of overdosing myself with pretty pictures of DIYs, gift guides and printable freebies (a.k.a the trifecta of christmas posts on the blogosphere), yet i still find myself obsessively clicking every post that i had not yet read. 

These DIYs are resulted from just having the suitable materials i have at home (mostly papers). I rarely buy new ones, unless they're realllly pretty (like the glitter foams). So, dig around your house, don't throw some stuff yet and see what you can do with them. Nothing gives me better pleasure than the satisfaction i get from making my own house decorations.

1. The Tree
Not wanting to put up my old tree out of laziness, i ended up making one. (That sounds contradictory now i just realized). This one is inspired from Brit&Co's post, but instead of buying some washi tapes, i used flower tape. I like it because it literally takes zero space, perfect for a small house like mine. Decorate it with store-bought ornaments or even make them yourself if you're really crafty!

2. Faceted Paper Vase
This one takes a bit more effort but it was worth it. Inspired from Oh Happy Day
i had it modified to a bigger size so it would fit my vase. Using metallic sparkly wallpapers, it is perfect as a table decoration all year round. As for the stars, i doubled the patterns provided on the web and turned them into 3D ones, prettier when hanging em up i must say!

 3. Cardboard Christmas Tree
Again using some leftover card boards, these would be nice when covered in chalkboard paint and used as menus when i do my annual Christmas breakfast gathering with my sisters and their families.

4.  Poinsettia Wreath
Never thought i would find myself making one of these, but after the faceted vase, i don't even know myself anymore..*lol* 

I used a spray-painted embroidery hoop and a white wallpaper with gorgeous texture as the base. The wreath is inspired from this post.

5. The one who started it all...
Who knew hanging some ornaments on the wall could really got you in the whole mood of decorating? The happy feeling i get from seeing these baubles hanging was enough to get me started in going on this whirlwind of house decorating.

Of course, i just had to add the cut gold glitter foams as the "sun beam".

I'm not finished though...
I still want to make some himmeli which hopefully will be done before Christmas. I hope you're inspired to decorate after reading this post. Happy holidays!


  1. Loving these interesting pictures :)


  2. where you get the paper stuff to make all cute handmade? thanks

  3. i bought them from the wallpaper shops :)