Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wall(paper)et premium collection

Have you seen the latest addition of wallpaper wallets?

Check the complete collection here :D

wall(paper)et premium series

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

customized word albums

I suppose it's a bit too late for a Happy New Year-greeting now, so why don't we talk about that other tradition with the beginning of the year? 


Anybody still work on remember theirs? 

I, personally, stopped making them years ago. I can't help but feeling like i'm bluffing myself with all the goals for the new year. Whilst the process is therapeutic at times (i must admit), i find that i'm already a better person just by writing down the list without ever having to work on it (haha).

I'm not a pessimist really, i'm just a realist. (HAHAHA)

This is what Fran Lebowitz had to say about her writer's block, and i find it so relevant with resolutions (or my life, as a matter of fact):
" If I tell myself, “Fran, you have to write,” I will not do it. I am so resistant to authority that I am resistant to my own authority."

Genius, isn't she?

With that in mind, i have decided to welcome the New Year with "NEW THINGS TO TRY" instead of the old and dreary "resolutions".

First on the list, scrapbooking. (or better known as "the art of spending $5 for a $1.50photo")

These Customized Word Albums are perfect for inspiring-scrapbookers (i know there are a lot of you out there!) where you can select your photos based on a specific theme. 

For example, since we like to travel, i'm thinking of having "JAPAN" as the title of our honeymoon photo album. There i can put train passes, bills, tickets, any travel bits that serve as ephemeras alongside our photos. Surely it will be a personal project that will be cherished for years to come.

The album itself is made of 3mm-thick MDF, covered with vintage wallpapers (colours & themes are available to your request) and sealed with Matte Mod Podge.

For further info, simply check out my Customized Word Album here.  

Lets get scrapping!

Customized Word Album

Just to show you what the material looks like from the back

Enough for 4x6" pics w/out cropping