Sunday, December 16, 2012

a DIY christmas

Didn't know what came upon me but i went all out crafty this Christmas. 

It might be the result of overdosing myself with pretty pictures of DIYs, gift guides and printable freebies (a.k.a the trifecta of christmas posts on the blogosphere), yet i still find myself obsessively clicking every post that i had not yet read. 

These DIYs are resulted from just having the suitable materials i have at home (mostly papers). I rarely buy new ones, unless they're realllly pretty (like the glitter foams). So, dig around your house, don't throw some stuff yet and see what you can do with them. Nothing gives me better pleasure than the satisfaction i get from making my own house decorations.

1. The Tree
Not wanting to put up my old tree out of laziness, i ended up making one. (That sounds contradictory now i just realized). This one is inspired from Brit&Co's post, but instead of buying some washi tapes, i used flower tape. I like it because it literally takes zero space, perfect for a small house like mine. Decorate it with store-bought ornaments or even make them yourself if you're really crafty!

2. Faceted Paper Vase
This one takes a bit more effort but it was worth it. Inspired from Oh Happy Day
i had it modified to a bigger size so it would fit my vase. Using metallic sparkly wallpapers, it is perfect as a table decoration all year round. As for the stars, i doubled the patterns provided on the web and turned them into 3D ones, prettier when hanging em up i must say!

 3. Cardboard Christmas Tree
Again using some leftover card boards, these would be nice when covered in chalkboard paint and used as menus when i do my annual Christmas breakfast gathering with my sisters and their families.

4.  Poinsettia Wreath
Never thought i would find myself making one of these, but after the faceted vase, i don't even know myself anymore..*lol* 

I used a spray-painted embroidery hoop and a white wallpaper with gorgeous texture as the base. The wreath is inspired from this post.

5. The one who started it all...
Who knew hanging some ornaments on the wall could really got you in the whole mood of decorating? The happy feeling i get from seeing these baubles hanging was enough to get me started in going on this whirlwind of house decorating.

Of course, i just had to add the cut gold glitter foams as the "sun beam".

I'm not finished though...
I still want to make some himmeli which hopefully will be done before Christmas. I hope you're inspired to decorate after reading this post. Happy holidays!

Friday, November 2, 2012

on Kompas TV

When one's desperate for new blog content, what does one do?

Upload a video of a crafty tutorial that is!

Here's a video of me making Paper Hoop Clock which was aired on Kompas TV few months ago.  Let me know if you attempted to make it yourself!

paperpleased on kompasTV

Saturday, October 27, 2012

making wallpaper

I stumbled upon this video the other day about printing wallpapers... 
For someone who works with the material everyday, watching this is just stunning.

initial nameplate

I wanted to add some twist to the 3d paper fonts, so here's what i came up with...

Wouldn't it be nice to hang this on the bedroom door of your loved ones?

choose your paper here

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

scrapfridge the right term to describe what I've been doing to my fridge doors. 


I use them as a "scrapbook" to display my bric-a-brac. 
What are they is mostly cute-dont-know-where-i'll-put-it-but-will-buy-it-anyway things, and some curious-but-lets-see-how-it-works-out crafts, because apparently i'm only attracted to certain types of crafts. 

I dig paper (obviously) so you'll see LV floper and vantiani 's postcards, among some holiday photos & polaroids, but... i don't go gaga over cartoon-ish colorful soft toys, hence you only see idekuhandmade 's voodoo dolls there :D

New additions, that made me change the whole layout of my "scrapfridge" recently, including:

hand-drawn cards from taiwan

"kue basah" felt toys from hoshi craft

photo-printed button that i did a year ago but end up nowhere

The first good thing about using your fridge doors as a "scrapbook" is that NOTHING is permanent (i use magnet buttons, blu tacks, etc) hence:

  • i can easily change the layout (which i usually do after a few months)
  • there's always space for more things (double-doors are the best!) 
  • it doesn't get messy because no glue/paint/powder involved 
  • i don't spend on "unseen" things like glue, paint & powder
  • aaand... it is a 24/7 display at home (which always got my guests curious and take a closer look)

Because the truth is i'm intimidated by doing a real scrapbook (there i said it!), and i'm a minimalist at heart, but on these steel surface i feel that i can just "let go" and jumble and pile things anyway i want them. 

To fill the whole doors is the step i'm taking slowly because it will surely be an enjoyable one. I encourage you to do the same to your fridge doors!

Monday, October 15, 2012

loe gue end

Oh right, i'm going a bit "alay" with that title.

But with a reason... it is THE title of my husband's latest movie!

Before you conjure up images of cheesy local acts that are usually associated with indonesian catchy phrase, please let me stop you by saying: there's nothing cheesy about this movie. Well except, for its title. 

Loe Gue End is probably awi suryadi's finest movie to date.

The colors, the shots, the effects, the beautiful casts, the fast-paced editing, the haunting scoring...  i could go on and on.

Making movies is very much a blood-sweat-and-tears project, and this one is no exception too. Everyone who is involved in the movie, from the casts to the crews, are pushed to give their best and it is very heartening to see they're very proud of what the movie has turned out to be. 

"Loe Gue End" is portraying the dark lives of the young upper-class  in Jakarta, so expect to see alcohol, drugs and language that may not be suitable for children or teens under 18y/o.

However, if you're up for a visual feast (i know i am) and looking forward to be entertained with things that are otherwise unfamiliar to you, i'd say "go for it". 

Okay, enough talking. Here's the unofficial teaser & trailer of "Loe Gue End" which premieres on November 1st, 2012.


...and the super friggin cool poster that was released this morning! Me likey!

UPDATE: A new 30sec-trailer of Loe Gue End (rated-R)!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

wallpaper gallery

No, i'm not opening my own gallery if you're wondering, rather i decided to sell some of my personal collection of wallpapers. 

This decision was not an easy one for me since i love these wallpapers oh-so-dearly (i hand-picked, cleaned and collected them book by book) but i realized it would be impossible for me to continue production like i used to ever since the old assistant left me. 

I tried making some big wristlets the other day, and somehow it felt more difficult & time-consuming than ever to do just one piece. My new assistant (yes, finally got one) is still practically useless too at the moment. 

Another reason would be that ever since opening paperpleased on facebook, i've discovered some wonderful crafty friends whom i'm sure would be able to create something beautiful with these papers. Call it the other way of "contributing" to the creative community, perhaps?

Most of my collection are one-offs that you wont find being sold at the shops anymore, although unfortunately they don't come with information on the production year. Some of the old ones have slightly turned yellow because of their age, but they have images that are unmistakably "retro" and "nostalgic".

Furthermore, the ones i'm selling are actually the ones i do not dare to make anything with them just yet. Why? simply because i flip them over occasionally to be left mesmerized by their patterns and colors. It really is therapeutic for me.(Okay i have to stop before i sound more like a lunatic.)

For the first collection, i put this children series called "Can You Imagine?" by Goodrich. I'll be adding more over time but if you see anything that you like, you better book it right away because there's only one piece of each. 

Hope you like it.

for complete collection, click here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

happy birthday husband

Being a maker, its funny how i've never actually made anything for my husband. 

He's turning 35 this September, and had been given a Mac Book Pro as a gift from his super generous producer. In need of a new case, he naturally asked me to make one for him.

Looking around in my studio the next day, i found a stash of faux leather that would be perfect for my first experiment in making something with a unisex appeal. Unfortunately, with such thickness, it was impossible to stitch two layers of them using my home sewing machine. I had no choice but to hand-stitch the whole thing (God, have mercy on my fingers).

After some painful hours, i panicked when i realized the case was too short for the Mac. I bet you crafters know how that feels. You feel dizzy and slightly short-of-breath, thinking of the most possible ways you could to save the project. There is no room for failure! (or maybe i just owe it to my fingers).

The most genius invention from the 18th century finally came to the rescue... the zipper!
Putting a zipper seems like the most logical thing to do, not to mention it will be a bonus on practicality if he can get the Mac out with just one hand. (Do you remember that line from "Up in the Air" where Clooney character says the Chinese has a thing for slip-ons (shoes)? i'm that kinda person so i can totally relate to that haha)

So the next day, off i went to a bag repair shop asking if they could put the biggest zipper they have to my handmade case. It didn't take long for me to decide to sew it myself after figuring out it would cost double for them to do it.

Luckily, this time hand-stitching the zipper was not painful at all because i only needed to do one layer at a time (yay!). I also stick a piece of foam on the inner side of the zipper so it wont scratch the Mac surface when it's being opened and closed (a.k.a problem solved!)

Here's how it looks when it's finished... 

faux leather mac book pro case

opened with zipper

The feeling after finishing a project is always priceless, not to mention i was happy to have the opportunity to experiment with a new material and making something for my husband. Talk about feeling of being the best wife ever :D

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Its funny how one easily looks at things differently after a long break from the usual routine.

During my hiatus, i took a long hard look at my wallets and felt like a major upgrade was necessary. I have to admit i had been avoiding this brain-racking and rather-frustrating process because i wanted to stay in my "comfort zone". Wouldn't it be nice to keep doing things the way you're used to?

But no, my mind didn't let me and it went restless for weeks after weeks.
Going back and forth to the studio looking for i-dont-know-what, endless browsing for inspirations, all these took place before i bumped into the answers to my problem which were found under my very own working table.


I finally decided to seriously befriend this material after making the Hardcover Folders. But this time for the reworked edition of accordion-style wallets. I love their hard surface and durability and it's nice to see that they feel nice to the hands too. (Thanks to Isur for the design inspiration!).

To make a difference from the previous non-cardboard wallets pictures, i also made this DIY lighbox (tutorial) that i use to take pictures of the Cardboard series. 

What do you think of the result?

my DIY lightbox

cardboard accordion wallet

see the collection here


Another humble material that works surprisingly wonderful with the wallpapers. It gives me a non-tear able quality and fluidity for the paper, although i still can't sew and turn it inside out (bummer).

I have tested it making the Big Wristlet along with some waxed string (to replace the nylon filament cord which is a NIGHTMARE to do by myself). Even though it still needs some fixing, i'm already liking its look.

new big wristlet

definitely need to fix the edges!

And that's a glimpse of my creative process lately. Thank you if you're still reading this!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Handmade Gift Ideas: Deer Wall Mount

I can sense this blog is driving more towards home decors lately, but i can't help it since i spend most of my time being in one. These one-off projects have been a great creative escape from the usual things i make for paperpleased and truth to be told, it's kinda addictive decorating your home with something you make yourself.

I find myself constantly adding and moving things around in my house. Always looking for that one more spot to add a new DIY. After all, one produces beautiful work by surrounding oneself in beautiful things, no? 

And so...i've been looking for something to fill the blank spot above-the-tv on my back wall. At first i wanted a taxidermy, but since i couldn't find a local seller here i let that one go pretty quickly. My second thought was a painted-in-one-color cuckoo clock. Again, finding none that suits my ridiculous super tight budget, i finally decided to make my own that combines the look of taxidermy and a functional clock.

Meet my wallpapered Deer Wall Mount...

wallpapered deer wall mount

This one is measured 50cm x 42cm (including shield).
I spent two days making it using foam (had to leave the glue overnight), cardboard and 3 sheets of wallpaper. It's very light and you only need to stick it using 3M poster strips and some blue tacks. Hence, no drilling required!

PS: I've added pictures of the wallpapers in gorgeous patterns & colors that you can choose from shall you want to order one for yourself (here). Do add me on facebook
Have a great day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Handmade Gift Ideas: 3D Paper Fonts

I've been making these 3D Paper Fonts for the past few weeks and i can't seem to get enough of them. 

One of the most popular decor ideas is to put them on walls, windows, fridges, above cabinets, etc, or hang as mobiles and buntings (in your studio or nursery, perhaps?). They also make great table centerpieces for weddings and dinner parties.

My first try at them resulted in a "small" mistake of a front-to-back letter 'L" (see: "LOVE"). Some letters, especially the ones with curves, require extra patience in cutting and putting them together. "B", "G", and "0" proved to be more time-consuming than the rest of the letters i've made so far. I wonder how long "S" would take me *yikes*

I love the fact that they're much lighter than wood, customizable in various patterns&colors, and not to mention the endless possibilities of showing your wit with them. Hurrah!

my first try

for my mom, which she displays on her bedhead

for my nephew's room

for my niece's room

wall art present for my other basketball-crazy nephew

Saturday, August 25, 2012

bedhead makeover

There is usually one room in the house that always gets left-out when you're busy decorating the others, right? 

For me, it's the guest room.

Located downstairs and adjacent to my dining room, my small guest room had been left out in my experiment with DIYs due to its gloomy color scheme of dark brown and grey. It was in need of some color love. 

Not wanting to do anything major (e.g. repainting the wall) or anything that requires a lot of labour, i remember my dad's collection of unused haveel chip samples that were literally just stacked under his desk. Unused.

To keep the same color scheme going within the room, however, i selected the wood-grain ones which are commonly used to give furniture that authentic "made-of-wood" look. I arranged them and sticked them one-by-one on the bedhead with a trusty double-sided tape.

Maybe i should have used a more appropriate adhesive, but i didn't really wanna ruin the original haveel that had been pasted on the bedhead, and the fact that i was too impatient/lazy/stingy to purchase a new adhesive *lol 


After 45 minutes, i can imagine seeing this bedhead on Anthropologie webstore *heehee

Now, i've got the wall to play with in the future for now. Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"hello, sunshine"

With the coming of Eid-Fitr holiday and having no assistant still, i decided to take a long break during this month of August. Being fidgety however, I decided to use the time to do some decorating around the house. First one to tackle: Nail and String Wall Art.

picture taken from jenloveskev

It was love-at-first-sight project, although it was not as easy as it looks...

Since i was doing it in on a rather big wall (2.8 x 1.8m), i had to get the correct size of the letters by printing and arranging them one by one in order to get both words straight and evenly spaced from side to side.

I also called someone to help me doing the nails because i couldn't do it myself. No matter how straight my banging was, the nails end-up dented, and with this size of wording, i needed A LOT of nails and hand power.

arranging the letters

After a few tiring hours and a sore neck (of looking up for hours), i'm super proud with what i see...

see the little nails?
i put shiny "caps"  to make it pop

my own nail and string wall art

I dont know if you can see it, but i put shiny "caps" on the word "sunshine". They look really nice reflecting the light from the window at night. 

Safe to say, i cured my phobia of nailing walls after this project!

Friday, July 13, 2012

vanina's wedding

It is with joy and pleasure that the day of writing this post has finally come.
I've finally finished two-hundreds (yes, writing the number in letters, instead of numbers, for maximum impact) pieces of cardholders for Nina's wedding.

It took me two months and four books of Japanese wallpaper to work on this project, with the help of a replacement assistant on the last week completing it. The patterns (oh the patterns!) are so varied and wonderful, and only one piece of each cardholder. (Pardon me for being so lazy to take more pictures!)

The wedding itself will be held on 22nd July 2012 in Conrad Hotel, Bali. 
I'm so... EXCITED to be there to witness the wonderful union of these two best friends and to check out the gorgeous venue in person myself. It'll surely be a blast.

Happy wedding Vanina & Dean!
Thank you for giving me the honor to bless your guests through my creation. 
May your paths be filled with love, laugh, tears and joy!

200pc of wallpaper cardholders
the various patterns (ranging from peter rabbit to Egyptian-style)
little label printed on tyvek
writings on the label

Monday, July 9, 2012