Thursday, September 27, 2012

wallpaper gallery

No, i'm not opening my own gallery if you're wondering, rather i decided to sell some of my personal collection of wallpapers. 

This decision was not an easy one for me since i love these wallpapers oh-so-dearly (i hand-picked, cleaned and collected them book by book) but i realized it would be impossible for me to continue production like i used to ever since the old assistant left me. 

I tried making some big wristlets the other day, and somehow it felt more difficult & time-consuming than ever to do just one piece. My new assistant (yes, finally got one) is still practically useless too at the moment. 

Another reason would be that ever since opening paperpleased on facebook, i've discovered some wonderful crafty friends whom i'm sure would be able to create something beautiful with these papers. Call it the other way of "contributing" to the creative community, perhaps?

Most of my collection are one-offs that you wont find being sold at the shops anymore, although unfortunately they don't come with information on the production year. Some of the old ones have slightly turned yellow because of their age, but they have images that are unmistakably "retro" and "nostalgic".

Furthermore, the ones i'm selling are actually the ones i do not dare to make anything with them just yet. Why? simply because i flip them over occasionally to be left mesmerized by their patterns and colors. It really is therapeutic for me.(Okay i have to stop before i sound more like a lunatic.)

For the first collection, i put this children series called "Can You Imagine?" by Goodrich. I'll be adding more over time but if you see anything that you like, you better book it right away because there's only one piece of each. 

Hope you like it.

for complete collection, click here

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