Monday, October 15, 2012

loe gue end

Oh right, i'm going a bit "alay" with that title.

But with a reason... it is THE title of my husband's latest movie!

Before you conjure up images of cheesy local acts that are usually associated with indonesian catchy phrase, please let me stop you by saying: there's nothing cheesy about this movie. Well except, for its title. 

Loe Gue End is probably awi suryadi's finest movie to date.

The colors, the shots, the effects, the beautiful casts, the fast-paced editing, the haunting scoring...  i could go on and on.

Making movies is very much a blood-sweat-and-tears project, and this one is no exception too. Everyone who is involved in the movie, from the casts to the crews, are pushed to give their best and it is very heartening to see they're very proud of what the movie has turned out to be. 

"Loe Gue End" is portraying the dark lives of the young upper-class  in Jakarta, so expect to see alcohol, drugs and language that may not be suitable for children or teens under 18y/o.

However, if you're up for a visual feast (i know i am) and looking forward to be entertained with things that are otherwise unfamiliar to you, i'd say "go for it". 

Okay, enough talking. Here's the unofficial teaser & trailer of "Loe Gue End" which premieres on November 1st, 2012.


...and the super friggin cool poster that was released this morning! Me likey!

UPDATE: A new 30sec-trailer of Loe Gue End (rated-R)!

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