Friday, February 25, 2011

Passport cover #2 (additional)

These are some more passport covers using the same wallpaper as Vol 3: Sparkle & Shine (Lobed) and (Lotus).

color descriptions following Vol 3: Sparkle & Shine (Lobed)
no.1, 3, 5, 6 - SOLD
color descriptions following Vol 3: Sparkle & Shine (Lotus)
all - SOLD
* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The ever-busy fashionistas of Fashionesedaily has featured me on their page as their "product of the week".  This totally made my day. Thank you girls!

read it here

Behind the packaging

I have a thing for packaging.
There's that excitement and anticipation the moment you open something that is so beautifully wrapped and presented, whether its your own purchase or a surprise gift from someone. 

I believe when you buy handmade crafts, the packaging should be different from something that's mass-produced or comes from a factory. 

It should have a personal touch.

More importantly, it should reflect the values of your brand. 

Thus, in keeping with the same spirit, again i'm using the "humble" samson paper, sticker (because i don't have name cards yet *yikes!*) and a natural raffia string.

This time i turn them into lunch-bags style and i think they look pretty cute. Who cares if it takes longer to make them? *lol*


PS: If you purchase both the wall(paper)et & the passport cover, the passport cover will be put inside the wallet unless requested otherwise. Less waste is better for everybody :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Product: Passport Cover!

I'm surprised to see how much these covers are in demand by some of my customers!
So, here's what i've come up with the leftovers yesterday...

the numbers are following the descriptions from Vol 3: Trunk series
(no.2, 5- SOLD)

opened - back

Each passport cover is measured: 18 x 13.2cm (opened) or 9 x 13.2cm (closed). They fit your passport snug & tight. Just nice.

I made them using the same wallpapers from Vol 3: Sparkle & Shine (Trunk). So if you'd like your passport to match with your wallet, here's what they'll look like together:

miss matchy would be happy

For those of you who'd like to live on the edge and mix things up a bit, please choose from a variety of colors and patterns available from both (wallet& passport cover) collections! 

More patterns to come!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vol. 3: Sparkle & Shine (Trunk)... improved size!

Phew! sorry for such a late post! I've been juggling myself between keeping with the deadline while updating this blog. Busy but very happy indeed :) 

Now, the final series of Vol. 3! 
This series has undergone some slight changes from the previous ones. 
Firstly, i've added the width of the wallets to an extra 1cm... they'll fit your cheque books better now!

Secondly, i've replaced the usual note-blocks with more... CARD SLOTS! 
Yes, now you have more room to put that ever-extending collections of credit cards *lol*

more card slots!

1. Dark gray&silver (SOLD) 2. Light gray&gold ((SOLD)
sample cards are for picture purposes only

3. Tangerine (SOLD),  4. Maroon (SOLD),  5. Pumpkin (SOLD)
sample cards are for picture purposes only

* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vol. 3: Sparkle & Shine (Lobed)

Each wallpaper wallet in this series features a combination of two colors. 
You can see this obviously by comparing the color of the wallets' flaps & pockets to the middle parts. 

If you look at the paper closely, they've too got this almost-glittery sheen. 
Very pretty indeed.

1. Gray (w/ gold print)-SOLD 2. Orange-SOLD 3. Blue-SOLD
color combos on the pocket

4. Forest green (SOLD) 5. Olive (SOLD) 6. Coral Red (SOLD) 7. Grey (w/ silver print) (SOLD)
each comes with a removable memo

* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items

Special: Baroque collection

1.Black&white (SOLD) 2.Black&grey (SOLD) 3.White&creme (SOLD)

click to zoom on the pic
* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vol. 3: Sparkle & Shine (Entire)

I'm currently preparing an order of 100 wallets for a fashion MLM brand (hooray!), which i'll be revealing to you once they're done :) in the meantime, do take a look at my third series of Vol. 3. They're still as sparkly and shiny as ever!

(1) Gold Yellow Leaf (SOLD) (2) Gold Red Leaf (SOLD) (3) Gold Green Leaf (SOLD)
(1 & 2 & 3) with snap buttons

(4) Silver Leaf-SOLD (5) Gold Black Leaf-SOLD (6) Gold Brown Leaf-SOLD
(4 & 5 & 6) with snap buttons

* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vol. 3: Sparkle & Shine (Sakura)

Happy Chinese New Year! Since we're celebrating the year of Metal Rabbit, i hope this year will be nice and fluffy to everybody!

1. Copper Green Sakura (SOLD) 2. Gold Orange Sakura (SOLD)
(1 & 2) with snap buttons

(3)Pewter Sakura (SOLD) (4)Reef Blue Silver Sakura (SOLD) (5)Gold Yellow Sakura (SOLD)
(3 & 4 & 5) with snap buttons

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vol. 3: Sparkle & Shine (Lotus)

My Vol. 3 Collection is a TOTAL attention-grabber! 

The first series is called Lotus, with reflective shiny gleam in six vibrant colors.

With the closure, i did four of them with thread & beads while the other two were done with snap buttons. Apparently, this is what happens when you're trying to do too much at one time. Still, i don't consider them a 'mistake'.

I purposely picked this Chinese-inspired pattern to celebrate the coming of Chinese New Year. For those of you who celebrate, why not use these pretty wallpaper wallets to keep all your ang pao money?
Hopefully they'll keep you from spending it right away! ;D

1. Rustic-gold Lotus with yellow thread (SOLD) 2. Gold Lotus with brown thread(SOLD)
(1 & 2) please click to see the details

3. Pink Lotus with gold thread (SOLD) 4. Green Lotus with green thread (SOLD)
(3 & 4) please click to see the details

5. Bronze Lotus w/ snap buttons (SOLD) 6. Rustic Silver w/ snap buttons (SOLD)
(5 & 6) please click to see the detail

Wallpaper designed by Andrew's Legacy. Made in Italy.