Thursday, February 24, 2011

Behind the packaging

I have a thing for packaging.
There's that excitement and anticipation the moment you open something that is so beautifully wrapped and presented, whether its your own purchase or a surprise gift from someone. 

I believe when you buy handmade crafts, the packaging should be different from something that's mass-produced or comes from a factory. 

It should have a personal touch.

More importantly, it should reflect the values of your brand. 

Thus, in keeping with the same spirit, again i'm using the "humble" samson paper, sticker (because i don't have name cards yet *yikes!*) and a natural raffia string.

This time i turn them into lunch-bags style and i think they look pretty cute. Who cares if it takes longer to make them? *lol*


PS: If you purchase both the wall(paper)et & the passport cover, the passport cover will be put inside the wallet unless requested otherwise. Less waste is better for everybody :)

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