Monday, February 14, 2011

Vol. 3: Sparkle & Shine (Lobed)

Each wallpaper wallet in this series features a combination of two colors. 
You can see this obviously by comparing the color of the wallets' flaps & pockets to the middle parts. 

If you look at the paper closely, they've too got this almost-glittery sheen. 
Very pretty indeed.

1. Gray (w/ gold print)-SOLD 2. Orange-SOLD 3. Blue-SOLD
color combos on the pocket

4. Forest green (SOLD) 5. Olive (SOLD) 6. Coral Red (SOLD) 7. Grey (w/ silver print) (SOLD)
each comes with a removable memo

* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items

1 comment:

  1. hi..harganya berapa yah?
    barang yang udah sold out nggak mungkin dibuat lagi yah?baroque n lotusnya bagus bgt...can i have ur email? =)