Thursday, April 28, 2011

tobucil's crafty days #5

I'd be joining Tobucil's Crafty Days#5, 14-15 May 2011.
Looking forward to my first craft fair! Hope to see you all there!

more info click here

inacraft 2011

With Inacraft 2011 (the biggest Indonesian handycraft fair) being held last week,  i kept making excuses from crafting and blogging *cough*, in order to hit the town and... SHOP!

Yes, the 5-day-event is probably the only craft fair worth-traveling all the way to Jakarta for, if you live in other cities or countries. It is the most-anticipated international-scale craft fair with almost 2000 participants from all areas of art & crafts. We're talking bout some serious variety and workmanship here.

I love shopping for homewares, more than anything, there. 
So here's what i got from this year's Inacraft:

Table lamp (the stand was made of Hankook ceramics), skull-shaped sandalwood-scented candle (my fave buy!), embroidered coaster&cover set (so dainty!) and voodoo dolls from (who-else-but) idekuhandmade :)
i can't get enough of woven baskets/ boxes/ plates/... anything really
carved-stones and chinese-zodiac necklace

Once they're put to use in my house:
on the bedside of my bedroom
woven plate with dried maja fruits (origin of the word "majapahit")
the search for a pretty hand-towel holder is over
voodoo on my fridge

Here's a few of some extraordinary crafts i've seen in the past:

dollhouse made entirely of... ice-cream sticks
another style of the house
i almost fainted when i see this

carved and painted *wait for it*.... eggshells!

painting made of... dried banana leaves! that's my friends, is Indonesia at its best. Happy crafting!

Monday, April 18, 2011

on nylon indonesia

Paperpleased is in the ever-hip-&-funky Nylon magz! 
Special thanks to Anin & Resti

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bi-Fold Wallet #1

This is the first batch of the bi-fold wallets i've made. 
Since the patterns are an overwhelming mixed of colors, the numbers will be used as a reference to each wallet. 
Colors are as shown in pics. Enjoy!

sold out

For the ones below, there are 4 patterns that comes in two colors each. 
I arrange them according to the pattern, so for example no. 9 and 10 are of the same pattern but in different colors, and so on. 
I like the fact that they are unisex in terms of colors and design, don't you think? :)

12, 15, 16 - still avail

* 1 pattern 1 piece only
** no remake of sold-out items of the same pattern

New Product: Bi-Fold Wallet

I like to make little notes everytime i need to write down something (apparently a Blackberry can't just replace the old-fashioned pen and paper!)

The list typically involves: a grocery-shopping list, a note to be given to someone, letters/ bills/ checks, etc.
The problem is usually all these notes get crumpled in my ever-extending bag, and God knows i don't like to stuff my wallet with notes. 

So here's what i've come up with as my solution...

Bi- Fold Wallet

I made the pouch big enough so you can put anything you want in there, even coins. There's also Velcro stickers inside the pocket to keep your stuff secure.
I've also inserted board in the pouch, the divider and the front & back to give more structure and strength to the wallet.

Velcro inside the pouch
back - with a back pocket

Size: 11cm x 14.5cm x 1.5cm (closed)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Notebook #2

Waking up late and blogging is one of my faves thing to do, especially on a Saturday *heehee*.

Here are some more fresh-from-the-oven notebooks for your enjoyment. Using the Japanese stab-binding technique (again) with different types of paper on the inside.

Enjoy your weekend, creative souls!

ordering will go by the numbers on this pic

Pages: 40 sheets
Size: approx. A6 (16cm x 10.5cm)

* 1 pattern 1 piece only 
** no remake of sold-out items of the same pattern

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Product: Notebook!

Inspired by the two lovely ladies, tarlen of vitarlenology and mei suling of omaanna, i gathered up my leftover wallpapers and turned them into... NOTEBOOKS! 

Yes, this ever-functional-and-loved-by-all goods has finally gotten me stretching my fingers onto its ritual.

For my first attempt, I've got my eyes on the decorative Japanese stab-binding techniques (Noble, Hempleaf and Tortoise). You can see how each technique constructs itself beautifully against the wallpaper covers.

While there, I also added an attached bookmark of the same pattern. They will come in handy when you need to find things fast.


ordering will go by the numbers on this pic (1-4: Tortoise, 5-10: Noble, 11-14: Hempleaf)

Now, i'm always liking the look of upcycled journals... so to spice things up a bit, i decided to use four, yes four, different types of lined paper.

Think of them as an extra 'oomph' to the books, or as Steven Tyler said "the goop that great stuff is made from". haha!

I have to admit I'm growing particularly fond of these blue lines.
Let me know what you think.

four types of lined paper

Pages: 40 sheets
Size: approx. A6 (16cm x 10.5cm)