Thursday, April 28, 2011

inacraft 2011

With Inacraft 2011 (the biggest Indonesian handycraft fair) being held last week,  i kept making excuses from crafting and blogging *cough*, in order to hit the town and... SHOP!

Yes, the 5-day-event is probably the only craft fair worth-traveling all the way to Jakarta for, if you live in other cities or countries. It is the most-anticipated international-scale craft fair with almost 2000 participants from all areas of art & crafts. We're talking bout some serious variety and workmanship here.

I love shopping for homewares, more than anything, there. 
So here's what i got from this year's Inacraft:

Table lamp (the stand was made of Hankook ceramics), skull-shaped sandalwood-scented candle (my fave buy!), embroidered coaster&cover set (so dainty!) and voodoo dolls from (who-else-but) idekuhandmade :)
i can't get enough of woven baskets/ boxes/ plates/... anything really
carved-stones and chinese-zodiac necklace

Once they're put to use in my house:
on the bedside of my bedroom
woven plate with dried maja fruits (origin of the word "majapahit")
the search for a pretty hand-towel holder is over
voodoo on my fridge

Here's a few of some extraordinary crafts i've seen in the past:

dollhouse made entirely of... ice-cream sticks
another style of the house
i almost fainted when i see this

carved and painted *wait for it*.... eggshells!

painting made of... dried banana leaves! that's my friends, is Indonesia at its best. Happy crafting!

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