Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vol. 2: Sprint (Contour)

This marks the final series of Vol. 2! 
The pattern consists of lines formed in the shape of flower, but this time i also experimented with different combination of patterns, like the checkered for example. 

What i especially love about this series is the color-blocking pattern on the pockets.
They're just so... preppy! 
I can see them being carried by boys/ girls in cute college uniforms :) 

Avail in 3 colors, 1 color comes in 2 piece each

1. Ivory (SOLD)  2. Checkered Grey (SOLD)
Color-blocking of black, white and gray for the pockets
Black & white threads

3. Yale Blue (SOLD) 4. Baby Blue (SOLD)
Colour-blocking of shades of blue blue and beige for the pockets
Aqua & cobalt blue threads

5. Thulian pink (SOLD) 6. Baby pink (SOLD)
Color-blocking of shades of pink for the pockets

Pink & more pink threads!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Vol. 2: Sprint (Vine series)

The wallpaper used for the Vines is quite similar in texture as the Lace's. However, the pattern differs as these ones are of vine plant. They come in five different colors, in one piece each, as the pics show...

1. Cream & pink Vine with neon salmon thread (SOLD)

2. Tea green Vine with green thread (SOLD) 3. Ivory Vine with yellow thread (SOLD)

4. Atomic tangerine Vine with orange thread (SOLD) 5. Fire Brick Vine with red thread (SOLD)

PS: i try to describe every color as accurately as possible. please click here to see my source for colors' reference.
Now you know i didn't come up with 'atomic tangerine' on my own, don't you?

Friday, January 21, 2011

How to tie

I've got a request (or, rather a question) on how to tie the wallets. It's super easy. Hope this help!

1. Make a loop on the left-side (or right, if you're a lefty)
2. Make another loop on the other side
3. Cross both loops
4. Insert one loop under the other (as if you're making a bow tie)
5. Pull both loops to tighten. Ta-da!

Vol. 2: Sprint (Mangrove series)

The Mangrove series are made with one of the most interesting wallpapers i've ever seen.

The pattern is outlined in leaves shapes and rich in texture (they feel sort-of bumpy when you touch them). I must warn you, it can get bit addictive! 
This time, i got my hands on some snap buttons instead of the usual thread and beads too. I'm pretty happy with the result. I think snap buttons work very well for thicker and "busy-pattern" wallpaper.

Cream (2pcs), Green (2pcs) and  Peach (1pc)

No thread, just button!

Cream Mangrove : 2pcs (both - SOLD)
Green Mangrove: 2pcs (both - SOLD)
Peach: 1pc (SOLD)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special: Photographic collection

These are special... i don't have many of these prints and don't come across them very often. They look very real, hence the name "Photographic". 

1. Stones with orange shading (SOLD) 2. Stones with blue shading (SOLD)

(1 & 2) Photographic Stone
1. Wooden print and cream (SOLD) 2. Wooden print and mocca (SOLD) 3. Wooden print and dark brown (SOLD)
Texture-prints on the inside part
Wooden wallets closed (as you can see No. 2 is much thicker than the other two. This is because there is a thick paper attached to the material, that makes it much stiffer compared to the other two. It's not, however, affecting the quality of the wallet at all. It's just slightly heavier and sturdy)

1. Woven print in brown (SOLD) 2. Woven print in yellow (SOLD)
(1 &2) Photographic Woven

Monday, January 17, 2011

a lil personal touch

With Vol. 2 collection out now, notice something different? 

Yes! My wallpaper wallets now have their own label tags! 

Thanks to my friend, Anita ( who came up with this brilliant idea... it's made of Tyvek so it is strong, very difficult to tear, but still recyclable! 

How cool is that?

label on the removable insert leaf

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vol. 2: Sprint (Lace series)

Finally, the first series of Vol. 2 collection! 
I named it "Lace" because they've got this rose pattern (usually seen on lace) on the outer side of the wallets. The wallpapers used for this series are crease-free (they're almost like fabric!), strong and come in six yummy colors.

Two of the colors (lemon-chiffon & golden-yellow) come in 2 pieces each. However, they have different patterns on the insert leaf and card slots (easiest to spot by comparing the pattern next to the daisy-flower pattern) or different thread colors. 

So again, no two wallpaper wallets are the same. Please click on each picture to get a better look.

1. Golden yellow with dots pattern (SOLD) 2. Golden yellow with flower pattern (SOLD)

(1 & 2) Golden yellow wallets with beige threads

3. Lemon-chiffon with dots pattern (SOLD) 4. Lemon-chiffon with (somewhat) linear pattern (SOLD)

(3) with yellow/brown thread. (4) with maroon thread

5. Peach-orange (SOLD) 6. Pink (SOLD)

(5) with  peach thread. (6) with pink/white thread

7. Cream wallet with cream-colored pockets (SOLD) 8. Mint cream wallet with mint cream-colored pockets (SOLD)

(7) cream wallet with green thread. (8) mint cream wallet with green thread

Wallpaper designed by Sprint. Made in Italy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sealed & (will be) delivered

This is how each wallpaper wallet is packaged when it is sent to you, my beloved customers. 

With every wallet there will be a small tag explaining what this wallet is made of.. (i  put a Rp500 coin in the pic for size comparison)

sorry, i couldn't find the way to rotate this pic!

I use brown samson paper and plant-fiber string for wrapping, along with a label sticker and a free small card of the same pattern as the wallpaper wallets.

You can write a short message, or maybe just a simple "To: ... and From: ..." if you're buying this as a gift for someone.

Simple, sweet and environmentally-conscious, just how i like my gift to be :)

same problem...but u get the idea