Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vol. 2: Sprint (Lace series)

Finally, the first series of Vol. 2 collection! 
I named it "Lace" because they've got this rose pattern (usually seen on lace) on the outer side of the wallets. The wallpapers used for this series are crease-free (they're almost like fabric!), strong and come in six yummy colors.

Two of the colors (lemon-chiffon & golden-yellow) come in 2 pieces each. However, they have different patterns on the insert leaf and card slots (easiest to spot by comparing the pattern next to the daisy-flower pattern) or different thread colors. 

So again, no two wallpaper wallets are the same. Please click on each picture to get a better look.

1. Golden yellow with dots pattern (SOLD) 2. Golden yellow with flower pattern (SOLD)

(1 & 2) Golden yellow wallets with beige threads

3. Lemon-chiffon with dots pattern (SOLD) 4. Lemon-chiffon with (somewhat) linear pattern (SOLD)

(3) with yellow/brown thread. (4) with maroon thread

5. Peach-orange (SOLD) 6. Pink (SOLD)

(5) with  peach thread. (6) with pink/white thread

7. Cream wallet with cream-colored pockets (SOLD) 8. Mint cream wallet with mint cream-colored pockets (SOLD)

(7) cream wallet with green thread. (8) mint cream wallet with green thread

Wallpaper designed by Sprint. Made in Italy

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