Monday, January 24, 2011

Vol. 2: Sprint (Vine series)

The wallpaper used for the Vines is quite similar in texture as the Lace's. However, the pattern differs as these ones are of vine plant. They come in five different colors, in one piece each, as the pics show...

1. Cream & pink Vine with neon salmon thread (SOLD)

2. Tea green Vine with green thread (SOLD) 3. Ivory Vine with yellow thread (SOLD)

4. Atomic tangerine Vine with orange thread (SOLD) 5. Fire Brick Vine with red thread (SOLD)

PS: i try to describe every color as accurately as possible. please click here to see my source for colors' reference.
Now you know i didn't come up with 'atomic tangerine' on my own, don't you?

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