Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vol. 2: Sprint (Contour)

This marks the final series of Vol. 2! 
The pattern consists of lines formed in the shape of flower, but this time i also experimented with different combination of patterns, like the checkered for example. 

What i especially love about this series is the color-blocking pattern on the pockets.
They're just so... preppy! 
I can see them being carried by boys/ girls in cute college uniforms :) 

Avail in 3 colors, 1 color comes in 2 piece each

1. Ivory (SOLD)  2. Checkered Grey (SOLD)
Color-blocking of black, white and gray for the pockets
Black & white threads

3. Yale Blue (SOLD) 4. Baby Blue (SOLD)
Colour-blocking of shades of blue blue and beige for the pockets
Aqua & cobalt blue threads

5. Thulian pink (SOLD) 6. Baby pink (SOLD)
Color-blocking of shades of pink for the pockets

Pink & more pink threads!

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