Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special: Photographic collection

These are special... i don't have many of these prints and don't come across them very often. They look very real, hence the name "Photographic". 

1. Stones with orange shading (SOLD) 2. Stones with blue shading (SOLD)

(1 & 2) Photographic Stone
1. Wooden print and cream (SOLD) 2. Wooden print and mocca (SOLD) 3. Wooden print and dark brown (SOLD)
Texture-prints on the inside part
Wooden wallets closed (as you can see No. 2 is much thicker than the other two. This is because there is a thick paper attached to the material, that makes it much stiffer compared to the other two. It's not, however, affecting the quality of the wallet at all. It's just slightly heavier and sturdy)

1. Woven print in brown (SOLD) 2. Woven print in yellow (SOLD)
(1 &2) Photographic Woven

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