Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Product: Passport Cover!

I'm surprised to see how much these covers are in demand by some of my customers!
So, here's what i've come up with the leftovers yesterday...

the numbers are following the descriptions from Vol 3: Trunk series
(no.2, 5- SOLD)

opened - back

Each passport cover is measured: 18 x 13.2cm (opened) or 9 x 13.2cm (closed). They fit your passport snug & tight. Just nice.

I made them using the same wallpapers from Vol 3: Sparkle & Shine (Trunk). So if you'd like your passport to match with your wallet, here's what they'll look like together:

miss matchy would be happy

For those of you who'd like to live on the edge and mix things up a bit, please choose from a variety of colors and patterns available from both (wallet& passport cover) collections! 

More patterns to come!

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