Tuesday, October 23, 2012


...is the right term to describe what I've been doing to my fridge doors. 


I use them as a "scrapbook" to display my bric-a-brac. 
What are they is mostly cute-dont-know-where-i'll-put-it-but-will-buy-it-anyway things, and some curious-but-lets-see-how-it-works-out crafts, because apparently i'm only attracted to certain types of crafts. 

I dig paper (obviously) so you'll see LV floper and vantiani 's postcards, among some holiday photos & polaroids, but... i don't go gaga over cartoon-ish colorful soft toys, hence you only see idekuhandmade 's voodoo dolls there :D

New additions, that made me change the whole layout of my "scrapfridge" recently, including:

hand-drawn cards from taiwan

"kue basah" felt toys from hoshi craft

photo-printed button that i did a year ago but end up nowhere

The first good thing about using your fridge doors as a "scrapbook" is that NOTHING is permanent (i use magnet buttons, blu tacks, etc) hence:

  • i can easily change the layout (which i usually do after a few months)
  • there's always space for more things (double-doors are the best!) 
  • it doesn't get messy because no glue/paint/powder involved 
  • i don't spend on "unseen" things like glue, paint & powder
  • aaand... it is a 24/7 display at home (which always got my guests curious and take a closer look)

Because the truth is i'm intimidated by doing a real scrapbook (there i said it!), and i'm a minimalist at heart, but on these steel surface i feel that i can just "let go" and jumble and pile things anyway i want them. 

To fill the whole doors is the step i'm taking slowly because it will surely be an enjoyable one. I encourage you to do the same to your fridge doors!