Thursday, September 6, 2012

Handmade Gift Ideas: Deer Wall Mount

I can sense this blog is driving more towards home decors lately, but i can't help it since i spend most of my time being in one. These one-off projects have been a great creative escape from the usual things i make for paperpleased and truth to be told, it's kinda addictive decorating your home with something you make yourself.

I find myself constantly adding and moving things around in my house. Always looking for that one more spot to add a new DIY. After all, one produces beautiful work by surrounding oneself in beautiful things, no? 

And so...i've been looking for something to fill the blank spot above-the-tv on my back wall. At first i wanted a taxidermy, but since i couldn't find a local seller here i let that one go pretty quickly. My second thought was a painted-in-one-color cuckoo clock. Again, finding none that suits my ridiculous super tight budget, i finally decided to make my own that combines the look of taxidermy and a functional clock.

Meet my wallpapered Deer Wall Mount...

wallpapered deer wall mount

This one is measured 50cm x 42cm (including shield).
I spent two days making it using foam (had to leave the glue overnight), cardboard and 3 sheets of wallpaper. It's very light and you only need to stick it using 3M poster strips and some blue tacks. Hence, no drilling required!

PS: I've added pictures of the wallpapers in gorgeous patterns & colors that you can choose from shall you want to order one for yourself (here). Do add me on facebook
Have a great day!

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