Saturday, September 15, 2012


Its funny how one easily looks at things differently after a long break from the usual routine.

During my hiatus, i took a long hard look at my wallets and felt like a major upgrade was necessary. I have to admit i had been avoiding this brain-racking and rather-frustrating process because i wanted to stay in my "comfort zone". Wouldn't it be nice to keep doing things the way you're used to?

But no, my mind didn't let me and it went restless for weeks after weeks.
Going back and forth to the studio looking for i-dont-know-what, endless browsing for inspirations, all these took place before i bumped into the answers to my problem which were found under my very own working table.


I finally decided to seriously befriend this material after making the Hardcover Folders. But this time for the reworked edition of accordion-style wallets. I love their hard surface and durability and it's nice to see that they feel nice to the hands too. (Thanks to Isur for the design inspiration!).

To make a difference from the previous non-cardboard wallets pictures, i also made this DIY lighbox (tutorial) that i use to take pictures of the Cardboard series. 

What do you think of the result?

my DIY lightbox

cardboard accordion wallet

see the collection here


Another humble material that works surprisingly wonderful with the wallpapers. It gives me a non-tear able quality and fluidity for the paper, although i still can't sew and turn it inside out (bummer).

I have tested it making the Big Wristlet along with some waxed string (to replace the nylon filament cord which is a NIGHTMARE to do by myself). Even though it still needs some fixing, i'm already liking its look.

new big wristlet

definitely need to fix the edges!

And that's a glimpse of my creative process lately. Thank you if you're still reading this!

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