Monday, September 3, 2012

Handmade Gift Ideas: 3D Paper Fonts

I've been making these 3D Paper Fonts for the past few weeks and i can't seem to get enough of them. 

One of the most popular decor ideas is to put them on walls, windows, fridges, above cabinets, etc, or hang as mobiles and buntings (in your studio or nursery, perhaps?). They also make great table centerpieces for weddings and dinner parties.

My first try at them resulted in a "small" mistake of a front-to-back letter 'L" (see: "LOVE"). Some letters, especially the ones with curves, require extra patience in cutting and putting them together. "B", "G", and "0" proved to be more time-consuming than the rest of the letters i've made so far. I wonder how long "S" would take me *yikes*

I love the fact that they're much lighter than wood, customizable in various patterns&colors, and not to mention the endless possibilities of showing your wit with them. Hurrah!

my first try

for my mom, which she displays on her bedhead

for my nephew's room

for my niece's room

wall art present for my other basketball-crazy nephew

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