Saturday, August 25, 2012

bedhead makeover

There is usually one room in the house that always gets left-out when you're busy decorating the others, right? 

For me, it's the guest room.

Located downstairs and adjacent to my dining room, my small guest room had been left out in my experiment with DIYs due to its gloomy color scheme of dark brown and grey. It was in need of some color love. 

Not wanting to do anything major (e.g. repainting the wall) or anything that requires a lot of labour, i remember my dad's collection of unused haveel chip samples that were literally just stacked under his desk. Unused.

To keep the same color scheme going within the room, however, i selected the wood-grain ones which are commonly used to give furniture that authentic "made-of-wood" look. I arranged them and sticked them one-by-one on the bedhead with a trusty double-sided tape.

Maybe i should have used a more appropriate adhesive, but i didn't really wanna ruin the original haveel that had been pasted on the bedhead, and the fact that i was too impatient/lazy/stingy to purchase a new adhesive *lol 


After 45 minutes, i can imagine seeing this bedhead on Anthropologie webstore *heehee

Now, i've got the wall to play with in the future for now. Any ideas?

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