Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"hello, sunshine"

With the coming of Eid-Fitr holiday and having no assistant still, i decided to take a long break during this month of August. Being fidgety however, I decided to use the time to do some decorating around the house. First one to tackle: Nail and String Wall Art.

picture taken from jenloveskev

It was love-at-first-sight project, although it was not as easy as it looks...

Since i was doing it in on a rather big wall (2.8 x 1.8m), i had to get the correct size of the letters by printing and arranging them one by one in order to get both words straight and evenly spaced from side to side.

I also called someone to help me doing the nails because i couldn't do it myself. No matter how straight my banging was, the nails end-up dented, and with this size of wording, i needed A LOT of nails and hand power.

arranging the letters

After a few tiring hours and a sore neck (of looking up for hours), i'm super proud with what i see...

see the little nails?
i put shiny "caps"  to make it pop

my own nail and string wall art

I dont know if you can see it, but i put shiny "caps" on the word "sunshine". They look really nice reflecting the light from the window at night. 

Safe to say, i cured my phobia of nailing walls after this project!

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