Thursday, June 30, 2011

New: (car) Key Holder

Hello, how's everyone?
I've been spending the last two weeks doing trial and error for some new products here for Paperpleased.

The first one that i am so excited to share with you is the... (car) key holder!

The idea was suggested by one of the visitors at Clicksmarket at FX which i participated (thanks to ika) few weeks ago. Somehow it never occurred to me that people still use this type of key holder (maybe males are more into it?) since the ones that are available on the market today are rather bland and monotone in terms of their looks.

Anyway, I'm particularly excited with the idea of using metal element with paper as i've never tried it before. It's a new territory for me. So, after purchasing some of hardware accessories i started drawing, cutting folding, and sewing until i'm finally happy with it. 

I definitely underestimated making this item, because it took me 6 try-outs to get it right. I've also learned that simple design works better, since the more folding & sewing it involves, the weaker the paper gets. 

Hence, to make the key holder stronger and sturdier, I layer the main body and the middle part (where the hardware is attached) with "krungkut" board. Finally to give room to keep your extra tidbits, i incorporate the same type of pocket as the ones used in accordion wallet. 

Size: 10cm x 7.5cm (closed)

car key holder


single accordion pocket

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