Wednesday, July 13, 2011

one sunday flea market & PPKI 2011

I've been having some very productive weekends here.
Two weeks ago, i participated in One Sunday Flea Market at Kemang, South Jakarta, along with ika and mei suling. Even though the market was not as crowded as i had anticipated, i was quite happy to meet many interesting people and buying myself some clothes and shoes. 

The event had a good vibe (despite the limited parking space) and it was quite successful for a first-timer. I was told, they were planning to held it monthly, so do check out their next event.


More pics can be seen on One SunDay flea market's facebook page here

The following weekend, i was invited by Fashionese Daily to attend "Business Connect" of Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia (PPKI) 2011 at JCC. 

The purpose of the event is "business matchmaking" between the new business owners and potential investors. Each participant also got to present their business background & plan in front of a team of panelists, who then would ask questions and give their business insights about it.

Now, i didn't take any pictures (can u believe it?) but i did get some very positive response from the people i met there about Paperpleased. It totally made my day :)


  1. It was nice to meet you at PPKI. You have such a lovely products. Keep up the good work.

    Sweet Batik

  2. hello & thank you sweet batik! :)

  3. aaa sayang banget aku baru tau, padahal pengen banget liat paperpleased hehe

    Ikut PPKI taun depannya lagi deh klo gitu, kayaknya seru