Wednesday, November 30, 2011

some new stuff

In conjunction with the FimelaFest which was held last weekend, i added some new stuff in hope for more variety of things in my booth. 

These include: paper-punched blank cards (in ombre theme!), document-holder (in A4 and Folio size), red wallpaper ang paos, and some old-but-beloved stock of wall(paper)ets. To my pleasant surprise, they were all sold out pretty quickly :)

Joining this event has truly been one of my craft-fair highlights. Sales was great, the venue was decorated really nicely (thanks OneSunDay team!), no humid weather (it was indoor) and i got to meet so many new customers and friends! Thank you all of you!

paper-punched card in brown
paper-punched card in blue
paper-punched card in orange
paper-punched cards with wallpaper envelopes
document-holder (A4-sized)
document-holder (Folio-sized)
ang paos for wedding
hand-stitch wall(paper)et

for pictures of the event, click here


  1. sist, kalo mau order gmn yah caranya ?
    habis liat jelang siang td lgs tertarik, :)

    email aku :

  2. hi.. how much for the angpao?how many angpao per pack?