Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

What an incredible journey this year had been. 
Paperpleased turned 1 this December (20th to be exact), and i still remember the very first time i blogged about it like it was yesterday. I certainly didn't see things would go this far. What started from curiosity had led me exploring this wonderful world i had never known to love. 

More than anything, i would like to remember 2011 as the year i started believing in doing things that are close to my heart. Believing in a sense that you love it enough to overcome any struggle that comes within its every aspect.

The constant tossing and turning of ideas, stretching the possibilities of taking things further, and the vision that i have in what i do fuels me to strive for more. Paperpleased had occupied my mind throughout the year and it doesn't look like it'll stop for the coming year.

Thank you readers and friends for constantly supporting me.

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