Saturday, April 7, 2012

wallpaper flowers

I thought it would be fun (and challenging!) to do something different for the other vase that my cousin Widya has. 

Seeing the never-ending stacks of wallpaper scraps in my studio (yes, i keep all of them!) i finally got to realize the idea of making flowers from wallpaper. Funny how creativity flows, eh?

I made roses and buttercups based on these tutorials (credits due to them!), but tweaked it a little to make it easier for me.

The only difficulty i had with this project however was the arrangement. Long vases were trickier as the flowers need to balance the solid shape of the vase. 

I finally added a hydrangea pomander ball as a topper and some paper leaves on both sides to balance things out. The arrangement now consists of 7 roses, 4 buttercups, 2 leaves and 1 hydrangea ball *phew*.

I hope bet she likes it.

... just kidding!

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