Saturday, October 8, 2011

on genie

On another note, i received the latest copy of tabloid "Genie" which features Paperpleased on their article today.

I'm very happy with all the media attention on Paperpleased, but I just have to point out that there's a few errors in the article.

One that's probably need to be clarified is its saying of me buying wallpaper from US.
That is just not true.

The only thing i ever brought overseas so far were just the Martha Stewart Paper Punches and the Croc-a-Dile II. How do you carry the heavy sample books of wallpapers all the way from the US anyway? Please share with me if you do know the most-economical way to do so! :)

However, i'm still very very happy to be featured in genie. So, thank you mba Rahmi and mas Rahmat!

paperpleased on genie


  1. wah itu ada liputan cara pembuatan walletnya mba? jd pgn beli genie-nya.. edisi kpn ya ini?