Saturday, October 8, 2011

"karena aku wanita" (b channel)

The clumsy girl that i am... i totally forgot i was on tv this morning.

Yup, B Channel's "Karena Aku Wanita" ("Because I'm a Woman") program airs every Saturday at 10.30am and features interesting local female entrepreneurs doing their thing.

We shoot the episode over a week ago, when Mas Bratma found and contacted me via twitter (that sounds cool, doesn't it?). Shooting was a breeze this time with only him and the cameraman (i forgot his name!) and there was no moving things around. I had, however, managed to hide the mess the night before and arranged an emergency display on my console table.

Big thanks to Siska, who took a pic of me on tv and letting me know about the show airing (doh!) and now i remember i have some pics to share during the shooting.

emergency display
shooting for B channel

checkin paperpleased blog
"yes, i'm a woman" ;p


  1. cihuy! :) oh and i've already seen the one on liputan6 (via your twitter link), nice!