Friday, May 25, 2012

Made. It. Myself

Having graduated from fashion design, fashion still remain as a passion of mine.
Although i rarely sew my own clothes, one thing for sure, i love making my own accessories.

I usually gather trinkets, buttons, charms, anything that i find interesting really, only to turn them into something wearable. Accessories are a great way to individualize your look, yes?

wallpaper cut-out butterfly earrings

 wrap bracelet tutorial + crafting-themed charms

 hardware-themed charms + hook = earrings
wrap bracelet tutorial + old "lucky" charms
box braid necklace tutorial
earphone-cord-holder + hook = earrings

clip-on earrings + gold chain = collar clips
vintage buttons + gold chains = earrings
mobile-phone-strap + old ring
gold chain + mail-folder-style rattan clutch

1 comment:

  1. keren-keren! itu charms-nya lutu-lutu bgtt :)