Monday, May 7, 2012

tobucil's crafty days #6

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Hard to believe it's been almost a year since my first craft fair at tobucil.

If last year, it was all about me, me & me (you know how nervous being a first-timer is right?), this time i decided to come with a different mindset. More than anything else, I want to fully experience the love of creativity of the handmade community. 

The chance to see what other creative brains come up with always baffle me, not to mention i don't meet most of the crafters here at other craft fairs in Jakarta.

Tobucil's Crafty Days is a different kind of craft fair because it strictly selects and curates its tenants every year. There's that sense of "freshness-guaranteed" albeit its small-size and traditional feel. 

It also felt nostalgic.
It reminds me of how much experience i have gained over the past 12 months and that i wanted to remain "thirsty" for more. I feel comfortable being in this circle of people and it influences the way I socialize with the other crafters too. No more awkwardness and self-conscious instead I was relaxed, honest and sincere. That was important for me. 

Now, the best part about it... the affordable handmade products!

I only managed to get my hands on these ones because they're truly one-of-a-kind and that i slept thinking about them after the first day. (Oh, well...).

For the rest, i'm planning to keep them under my radar and hopefully see them again next year. Till then, i'm gonna be parading these babies at home and everywhere...

travel journal w/ hand-drawn cover from journ(al)ey

pretty painted paper-beads bracelet from lilliline

fabric embroidery-hoop wall art from scrappetizer

paper-mache chicken money box from miming&meyliana, fruit&veggie felt magnets from bengkel kriya imut, and rainbow mobile phone-strap from gondangdia afterwork

hand-knitted bag, porcelain ring&buttons, and patchwork from sekarepe

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