Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my new (celebrity) friend

My sister-in-law, Susy, was in excitement for having a couple-friend from Philippines to stay over at her place a week ago. 

This particular visit was different from the others because the guy was the youngest son of their close friend/pastor and his wife was a Filipino celebrity/presenter. I have heard of them before and even watched their touching wedding video which coincidentally took place not long after ours.

Upon meeting them the first time over breakfast at my sis-in-law's, i was keen to find out that Rica, the wife, got excited over coffee and bread, like i did. When lunch followed, however, i had found myself uncomfortable due to the fact of having to bow my face eating noodle while having a runny nose and wearing glasses on a particularly hot day. I'm sure i was not prepped for chit-chat while looking so unfriendly now that i think about it *haha*. 

It was the next day that i began to notice more of me and Rica's similar fondness for things, when my sis-in-law asked me where she should take them to see an old & historic part of Jakarta that was a favorite of Rica's. I suggested Kota Tua and Batavia Hotel right-away.

When they came over at our place later that night, our chat went frenzy. Similar interests between us proves to be an endless conversation subject. She was bubbly, intelligent, beautiful and funny. The sort of person you can't help but liking instantly. I was very happy to discover she went gaga over the wallets i make too.  It was one of those nights when you knew you've made a new friend and felt so excited upon discovering her, you just had to restrain yourself from freaking her out otherwise.

Few days later, when she's back in Philippines, Rica sent me her blog link (yes, she blogs too!) which features me along her other trip highlights in Indonesia. 

read it here

It totally made my day.

Her generous words and beautiful photos are just like a reflection of her personality, and
i'm glad to know she felt she had found a sister of a "kindred spirit" too. Thank you Rica and please come again soon to Jakarta!

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