Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Product: Cardholder!

This is, by far, the most complicated pattern and sewing i've ever done

...but i'm very (very) happy with the result.

Each cardholder has 12 card slots, 3 "hidden" pockets (behind each card slot) and another pocket on the back.

Every card slot is double-stitched and backed with cellulose tape (as with the wallets & passport covers) to ensure they are strong enough to hold your cards, receipts, little notes, etc. Nylon string is also sewn along the edges to maintain its shape.

Start filling your cards from the front pocket to the back. By not pushing the card all the way down in the back pocket, makes it easier for you to get it out anytime.

Special thanks to Ika for asking for this product.

one color one piece only

 hidden pocket at the back of each card slot (not shown)

one of the hidden pockets (shown where my KTP is)
back pocket for easy access

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