Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vol. 4: Flower Chic (Shirley)

Here's Shirley looking at you... all pretty in blooms and the softest shades. 

This series reminds me of dresses in the 1930s era, like those ones they wore in the movie "Atonement". Frilly, delicate and feminine.

Following previously, wallet that comes with a matching passport cover will be sold as a pair.

1. Soft yellow w/ passport cover (SOLD), 2. Soft Pink w/ a passport cover (SOLD)
both with card slots

3. Baby blue-SOLD 4. Baby pink (with a passport cover)-SOLD
3.with card slots, 4.with a block note (SOLD)

* 1 pattern 1 piece only 
** no remake of sold-out items of the same pattern

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