Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to order

I hate sounding like an online shop, but turned out i do need to make this post to make it easier for everyone. Efficiency is the word!

Please email me the list below for ordering:

1.  The name & number of Paperpleased products that you want. 
For example: Wristlet no. 3, Appliqued tote bag (vol.1) no. 1 
Along with your postage address & phone number.

2. Prices stated are excluding postage fee.
For postage fee to your area, please go to
Total cost is the products' price plus its postage fee.

3. Paperpleased only accepts bank transfer for domestic customers currently.
Bank transfers only available via BCA at: 
7480826277 a/n Angelia Florensia (cab. Gading Bukit Indah)
Do let me know once you have transferred.

3. You will then receive an email attaching JNE slip for your order. 

4. Your goods will arrive according to the time JNE has informed on their web. 
OUTSIDE JAKARTA: REG (2-3 days), OKE (5-6 days).

5. If you're using Blackberry, do email me your PIN to join Paperpleased blackberry group to view the latest collection. (The blog now will only feature newly-designed items, hence until no improvements has been made to the existing products, no more pictures will be posted).

*First come first served.
*Booking more than 24hours with no confirmation will be canceled.
***No remake for sold-out items of the same pattern.  

Thank you.

PS: I'd be glad to receive a response, comment, suggestion or anything after you have received your order. So, do let me know :)

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