Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vol. 4: Flower Chic (Laura)

Knowing some of you are very eagerly anticipating the new collections has made me very excited in wallpaper wallets!

Starting from this collection, however, each wallet that comes with a passport cover will be sold as a pair. This is due to demand from those who want to purchase them as a pair, i hope you understand.

The limited quantity of the wallpaper also made some of the wallets come without passport covers and/or noteblock (instead of card slots). 

I've listed the details and prices for each wallet below to make it easier for ordering.

1 pattern 1 piece only. Sold-out ones can't be remade.


1.Pink-white (SOLD), 2.Beige-white (SOLD), 3.Black-white (SOLD)
1 & 2. comes with passport cover each, 3. comes with a noteblock

4. Black-silver (SOLD), 5.Black-white (SOLD)
4&5 comes with black-silver passport cover each

6. Purple-white (SOLD), 7. Brown-blue (SOLD)
6 & 7: no passport cover

inside passport cover (still has pockets, but not double flap)

* 1 pattern 1 piece only** no remake of sold-out items

Wallpaper designed by Daryelle's Signature. Made in France.


  1. good job...!!
    really enjoy to see your creature...
    I'm VERY sure will come to your place to buy my new wallet.....(the plus thing 4 me,you use recycle it...!!)

  2. hi ria, thank you!
    kebetulan aku hanya lewat blog saja utk skrg hehe
    Yg aku pakai sisa-sisa wallpaper (bkn recycled paper) :)