Thursday, May 26, 2011

tutorial: silhouette

I've had these frames for months now. 
They were a gift from my lovely sister because she insisted on buying me something. Rather than letting her making a bad purchase, i finally let in and chose these beautiful shell-cut black & white frames.
Yesterday, i finally took the urge to do one of my been-wanting-to-do-for-long-but-never-find-the-time project... framed silhouettes!
It's a quick project to do, yet the result is very rewarding. Here's how to do it:

start with frames of any size

How to turn the pics into black & white? easy peasy!
With the Photoshop open, open your desired pictures and go to Image>Adjustments>Threshold. 
The picture will immediately change to a black & white version with no mid tones. 
Moving your mouse left & right, choose how you want the pictures to look best. I make two versions for myself & hubby.
Drag the now black&white pictures to a blank canvas with its size measured according to the clear glass that holds the pictures inside the frames. 
Mine is 7.5cm x 7.5cm, for example. 

In the Photoshop, click File>New, filling the measurement with 7.5cm x 7.5cm. 
I drag the pictures to the blank canvas and adjust their size by clicking Edit>Transform. Make sure you hold the "Shift" button while dragging your mouse to prevent distortion. 
If you're making more than one (like me) and want to print em all together, just create a new A4 size page (click File>New) and drag the pictures one by one, and finally print em! 

two version
and ta-da! 
You've got yourself a new DIY decor at no extra cost (well, except for the frames maybe).

framed silhouettes

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