Friday, May 20, 2011

wall(paper)et #2

I read this post a while ago.
It was an eye-opening moment to read the line: "don't wait until your work is perfect before you start selling".

The truth is our work does evolve in time. 
We discover new ways to make them better as we keep making them, and it's comforting to know that everyone is going through this phase.

In my case, I've discovered that snap buttons don't work wonders when stitched on paper (duh!). So now i use:
  • velcro and string&paper discs (coming soon) for the wallets' closure (bye2 snap buttons!)
  • more card slots on the flap (before it was 6, now 12!) 
  • only thick wallpapers will be used for the wallets, thinner ones will be used for cardholders, passport covers, etc

Size: 21cm x 13cm (closed)


  1. now that you mention it, my wallet's snap button is broken :p i can still use the wallet, try to put glue on the snap button, but i try not to use the it. it's a pity though, i just bought it about 4 months ago ^ ^

    and i prefer your previous version with not so many card slots, because i prefer to put my cards on another wallet, so my main wallet won't become thick :p

    if you make another better version of your previous design, maybe i'll buy another one ^ ^


  2. hi jia hui,
    please send your wallet to me. i'll change it to velcro at no extra cost.

    thank you for the suggestion...
    however, the card slots were meant to be "added" value to the wallet.

    You could always keep your cards in another wallet of course, but if you choose to keep some of them in the wall(paper)et, you could leave some of the slots empty too :)