Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I've been indulging myself in a lot of brainstorming for decorating lately.
From wanting to change my living room's concrete ceiling into a glass one (how i wish) into adding a modern divider that would separate the living room and the dining room (this one just has to wait). But the thing that's been on top of my list lately was... a garden!

I have a 3m x 3m front yard that was just planted with grass before, and i'd been wanting to do something about it. After googling pictures for hours (but who's counting?) for inspiration, i showed my step dad the design that i wanted. Being an architect, he was able to draw it professionally and gave a proper instruction to his men to do the job. Do you know you have to layer the space with stones, sand, and fibers before putting the soil? I had no idea about this, and apparently so did his men before being told. So I guess I'm very lucky to have him :)

Here's some pictures that i kept for documenting purpose.

the inspiration

design-concept frm dad

after digging

putting the tiles
paving done!

The whole process took about three weeks before the big Idul Fitri holiday, and during the holiday in Australia i found myself obsessing and going ooh-aah over some trees and plants at Kings Park (Perth) and Abbotsford Convent (Melbourne) wishing i could take them home with me. I totally recommend these two places if you're visiting both cities, they are just one of the luxuries, among others, that we sadly don't have in Jakarta.

abbotsford convent - imagine seeing this in front of your eyes everyday

*i don't have a good enough picture of Kings Park in Perth, but please google it and you'll get the idea*

So after we got back home, i felt i was ready to shop for some plants. Real plants. Together with hubby, we chose the plants that we find attractive, not forgetting the condition that they have to be easy-to-care and low maintenance *haha*

Today, the plants have arrived and i had a good time watching the gardeners arranging and planting them into pots to be put outside and inside the house. We are now proud owners of 15 different kinds of plants in a small-but-lovely garden. Yay!

just arrived

arranging & planting

Three hours later...

a new garden!
from the side

from my working room

Now, i finally have something soothing to feast my eyes upon every time i open my doors in the morning. I hope they like their new home.


  1. Hi Angie, well done and you finally got the reward for your beautiful little garden in fulfillment come.
    good work and wish that your ideas get ahead in performance

  2. hi "dad", hahaha... i knew u'd comment on this post. thk u so much for ur help. couldn't have done it without you!

  3. nice garden. but i think you should put more big plants to make it greener ^^

  4. yes! i'm planning to add more over time. Now its a try-out phase, i hope they'll keep growing on me *please don't die* ;p