Friday, September 9, 2011

amelia's tote bag

This bag is a request of Amelia Harjadi. 
She saw the tote bag that i made previously, and requested the same one in soft pink but wider.

The bag has honeycomb-appliques on both the front & the back (i refer to them as "side A" and "side B" in the pic) using different patterns of brown, beige and sand-colored papers. The bag itself is made of wallpaper that had been stitched onto a sheet of Tyvek, so its extremely light but durable. 

It took me a while making it (around 8hours -with breaks ;p) since i was figuring a better way to make it with a better finishing. The previous one had "joint" on the side, and i honestly hated it. With this one, i decided to fold it over so no more ugly sight of paper joint. 

In the end, i was very happy with the result. Thank you Amelia for requesting this bag. I will make more of this now since it was so much fun making it.

side A
side A applique

side B
side view

amelia's tote bag


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  2. hihi.. asik asik
    thank you so much yah sis! :)
    love it banget and cute too..