Thursday, September 22, 2011

simfoni luar biasa (a special symphony)

I'd like to share something with you tonight that's related to neither crafting or decorating. Rather, it is a movie that's directed by my husband.
(Yes, i'm married to a movie geek who makes movies for a living!)

The movie is called Simfoni Luar Biasa, and it will be on theaters nation-wide starting Sept 29, 2011.

The movie tells a touching story about a struggling musician (played by Christian Bautista) who finds himself in a world of autistic children after being located to Jakarta from Manila. Through the love of music, they find themselves growing and helping each other.

The movie's been getting excellent reviews from the media, and it's a favorite especially for parents with children. I, personally, think everyone should just go to the theaters and see it :)

Here's also a video of the movie soundtrack titled "I'm Already King" by Christian Bautista. Very good song indeed. Enjoy!

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